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New! Add the Beauty, Fashion and Style Members Logo to your Ryze homepage!
(Logo appears above the networks on your ryze homepage and opens in a new window.)
**Scroll down for an important message below the example!!**

Get the code:
Highlight, copy and paste the following HTML code onto your homepage:

<A TARGET="new" HREF=""><IMG WIDTH="200" ALIGN="right" ALT="BF&S Member" VALIGN="bottom" SRC="" BORDER="none"></A>

To add the code, go to your ryze homepage and click on [edit home page contents] ...
Put the code below your own contents in "Personalize your Home Page Contents (HTML ok):".
Click on "Update Home Page", and the image will appear right above your networks as shown below.


                                                                                                        Networks [edit]

                                                                                                       Beauty, Fashion and Style, It's a Dog's Life, Parents of Teens - A Survival Guide,
                                                                                                       The Ryzing Star, etc. examples...


You can see an example of how it actually looks on my ryze homepage.

Why a Members Logo?
Having the BF&S logo on your homepage identifies you as a BF&S Member... it's a great way to draw attention to the BF&S network, which becomes an additional way to get others to your pages, through your posts.

For example, if someone visits a ryze page with the Logo, and comes over to the BF&S network... they are
most likely to read the posts, in turn stopping by members pages, etc...

*Important Message*
If you do not already have any HTML on your ryze page, the code could cause your text to run together, without spacing... Simple solution would be to place this <P> HTML code everywhere that you want a space, and this <BR> HTML code everywhere that you want a line break...

Click here to see and example on how to do this!

Click here to go to the Ryze homepage
BF&S Member - More Than Just Great Skin Care

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